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A sustainable design studio transforming discarded plastics into interior products. 

Hello, Im Jessica! I became interested in sustainable design when I was doing an Art Foundation course in college; I became really interested in the idea of reinventing and transforming used materials. I remember driving past our local waste tip and so much of it had spilled out onto the grass verges surrounding it. I thought about how harmful this must be for our environment and so started researching into it more. I came across things like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch - I never knew this existed before and had no idea how badly plastics were affecting our oceans. Ever since I have been collecting and repurposing as much plastic waste as I can! I started by creating art pieces but this soon evolved into designing products that people would want in their home. 


I went on to study Textile Design at Norwich University of the Arts and through learning lots of new skills and processes I developed a collection of lamps made from recycled plastic milk bottles. Lots of local cafes and restaurants as well as friends and family collect their plastic for me so it can be transformed into beautiful pieces for your home. 













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